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Planning to Buy a New House?
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Contact us to get a structured PROPERTY VASTU REPORT with VASTU CORRECTIONS & REMEDIES….
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Lifepath Coach (Astrologer & Home Business Vastu Consultant)

Jyotish Acharya (Silver Medalist - From Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi, India)

Sandeep Singh is a Silver Medalist Astrologer & Vastu Consultant. He Helps his clients in various matters of life by supporting them with his sharp acumen in the field of Astrology & Vastu. Consecutively, he got engaged in the research in astrology.

Astrology:- He gives consultation and advice to his clients through the science of stars and provides predictions for Past, Present & Future. He provides remedies to deal with difficult situations in life and guidance about Reaction Management.

Vastu:- He helps his clients with Vastu Corrections, Energy Management System and make there Homes & offices a positive place to live & work without renovations and alterations.

Astrology Consultation in Various sector of life

  • Life Prediction
  • Prashan Kundali
  • Love Life & Marriage
  • Living Relationship
  • Varsh Phal (Year Ahead)
  • Business, Job, Career, Finance
  • Education & Career
  • Childless Couples
  • Litigation & Court Cases
  • Divorce & Relationship Problems
  • Health Problems

(Solutions through Remedies, Path & Pooja , Logical Planning, Symbolic Activity & Reaction Management)

Vastu & Feng Shui


Vastu Corrections & Energy Management System.

Make Your Homes & offices a positive place to live & work without renovations and alterations. 

Get your Property Vastu Report  Today!

Why Choose Us


Astrologer Sandeep is a silver medalist practitioner astrologer & Vastu Consultant. He is a scholar and has been an educator for more than 20 years before he became Jyotish Acharya. He does not just apply his Vedic Astrology knowledge, but his vast study and experience of modern physics enables him predict most accurate planetary positions and their effect on our lives.


I was facing problems while selecting my career path and deciding the stream for my higher education.  I was totally confused. At that point, Astrologer Sandeep through my Horoscope guided me in selecting an appropriate course for post secondary studies. 

Now I am doing so well in my academics that I get appreciated by my teachers. My parents feel so happy & satisfied.

Harry (UK)

I met Sandeep in New Delhi and was quiet influenced with his Vastu Techniques and Approach of managing positive energies for making our house into a perfect home . With few changes done, I could feel drastic changes in my personal & professional environment . And within few years of time I was able to buy 1 more house .

Now I have 2 houses in London and I am living a positive happy life by just applying simple remedies for Vastu Correction.

Sukhbir (USA)

I am living in house with main entrance in North East but was not getting career success. I discussed my House Plan with Astrologer Sandeep and he found a vastu defect in my house. I applied a few remedies that he recommended and found lots of positive changes after that.

Gurpreet (India)

I was planning to start a Real Estate Business but upon asking Astrologer Sandeep refused me to do so and suggested me to get into trading of luxury goods as my stars were more favorable in this. Now I am very well running my own business of luxury bags. 

Also, he helped me in Vastu correction of my business property.

Manjeet (India)

When I lost my Job and was not getting new opportunities, I felt like it was all dark. Then I consulted Astrologer Sandeep. He explained me about the transition of planets in my horoscope and their effect. On this basis he advised me a time frame when I can get new jobs.

I applied for various jobs and it was exactly during that time I got a job. All thanks to him...

Arti (India)

My married life was totally disturbed. We were thinking for Divorce. It was Astrologer Sandeep who counseled both of us and explained how stars are affecting our married life and suggested few remedies. He also provided guidance on reaction management.

He was accurate in his prediction, over the passage of time we became happy again
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